Aaron Cashman and Zach Axmear captured titles at the Pat “Flash” Flanagan Open at Loras College in Dubuque today. This was the college debut for true freshman Cashman from Spring Park, MN (Shakopee HS). After a quarterfinal Tech Fall, Cashman received a forfeit in the semifinals.  In the finals, Cashman defeated Tyler Kreith of Maryville 6-3 to win the 125 lbs. title.

Zach Axmear received a first round bye before winning a 7-1 decision in the quarterfinals.  In the semifinals, Axmear recorded a Fall in 5:45. In the finals, Axmear was awarded a medical forfeit to win the title at 149.  Axmear is a redshirt freshman from North English, IA (English Valley HS).

Joe Kelly placed second at 157, Preston Stephenson placed third at 165, and Aaron Meyer placed fourth at 141  Cam Shaver did not place at 141.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks.

Open 125

  • Quarterfinal – Aaron Cashman (Iowa) won by tech fall over Jacob Ragsdale (Upper Iowa) (TF 18-3)
  • Semifinal – Aaron Cashman (Iowa) won by medical forfeit over Anthony Pisciotta (Maryville) (MFF)
  • 1st Place Match – Aaron Cashman (Iowa) won by decision over Tyler Kreith (Maryville) (Dec 6-3)

Open 141

  • Champ. Round 1 – Raul Marrero (Lincoln College) won by major decision over Cam Shaver (Iowa) (Maj 13-2)
  • Cons. Round 1 – Connor Manderfeld (Upper Iowa) won by fall over Cam Shaver (Iowa) (Fall 6:42)

Open 141

  • Champ. Round 1 – Aaron Meyer (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Aaron Meyer (Iowa) won by decision over Frankie Indelli (Loras College) (Dec 10-4)
  • Semifinal – Clint Lembeck (Loras College) won by decision over Aaron Meyer (Iowa) (Dec 11-9)
  • Cons. Semi – Aaron Meyer (Iowa) won by fall over Ryan Roth (Upper Iowa) (Fall 1:29)
  • 3rd Place Match – Kevin Kelly (Loras College) won by decision over Aaron Meyer (Iowa) (Dec 7-6)

Open 149

  • Champ. Round 1 – Zach Axmear (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Zach Axmear (Iowa) won by decision over Anthony Gibson (Northern Illinois) (Dec 7-1)
  • Semifinal – Zach Axmear (Iowa) won by fall over Nathan Swartz (Northern Illinois) (Fall 5:45)
  • 1st Place Match – Zach Axmear (Iowa) won by medical forfeit over Gavin DeWitt (Maryville) (MFF)

Open 157

  • Champ. Round 1 – Joe Kelly (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Joe Kelly (Iowa) won in tie breaker – 1 over Zack Velasquez (Northern Illinois) (TB-1 4-2)
  • Semifinal – Joe Kelly (Iowa) won by major decision over Joshua Steele (Maryville) (Maj 13-4)
  • 1st Place Match – Tanner Sparks (Maryville) won by major decision over Joe Kelly (Iowa) (Maj 11-2)

Open 165

  • Champ. Round 1 – Preston Stephenson (Iowa) received a bye () (Bye)
  • Quarterfinal – Preston Stephenson (Iowa) won by tech fall over Tad Griffith (Loras College) (TF 18-3)
  • Semifinal – Tyler Harrington (Maryville) won by fall over Preston Stephenson (Iowa) (Fall 1:37)
  • Cons. Semi – Preston Stephenson (Iowa) won by fall over Conner Villarmia (Maryville) (Fall 1:54)
  • 3rd Place Match – Preston Stephenson (Iowa) won by decision over Matt Pratt (Maryville) (Dec 3-1)