Dan Gable and Adeline Gray will be special guests for Who’s #1 by FloWrestling that will be in Carver Hawkeye Arena on Saturday, October 5 at 5 PM. Gable and Grey will be available for autographs and pictures.  Doors at Carver open at 4 PM. 

Gray recently set an American record by winning her fifth World title by capturing the Gold in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan at 76kg. Grey has won a World title in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019.  

I refer to Gable as “The Living Legend.” No wrestling event in Carver Hawkeye Arena would be official unless Gable was involved. Gable won 15 NCAA titles as coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes from 1977-1997. As a wrestler Gable was a two-time NCAA champion, World Champion, and Olympic Champion.

Who’s #1 provides a great opportunity to see the best high school wrestlers in the country in a matchup of #1 vs. #2.  These are future stars for Team USA in the World Championships and Olympics. There will also be a Supermatch of 2019 World Team member Pat Downey vs. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu specialist Nick Rodriguez.

Iowa Wrestling fans will especially be excited to watch incoming recruits Patrick Kennedy (170 lbs.) and Jesse Ybarra (120 lbs.) compete.  Paddy Gallagher, #1 on my Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Wish List, will be competing at 160 lbs. The Who’s #1 attendance record is 1,500. I am hoping we can more than double that record and make a case that Flo will host Who’s #1 in Carver again next year.

Programs will be available with a profile of the wrestlers competing.  These programs will also work great for autographs. Be sure and come down on the floor of Carver after the wrestling.  There will be plenty of opportunities for autographs and pictures.  

You can buy tickets at the door or order below.  This is a great event that you do not want to miss.


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Who’s #1 – October 5th at 5 PM in Carver Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, Iowa

Match #1

132lbs – #1-Jesse Mendez (IN) vs. #4-Ryan Jack (CT)  – Freestyle

Colleges: Mendez (Uncommitted); Jack (NCST)

Match   #2

132lbs –  #3-Shayne Van Ness (NJ) vs. #2-Dom Serrano (CO) – Freestyle 

Colleges: Van Ness (Uncommitted); Serrano (Nebraska)          

Match #3

120lbs. – #1-Jesse Ybarra (AZ) vs. #2-Jakason Burks (NE)  – Folkstyle

Colleges: Ybarra (Iowa); Burks (Oklahoma St.)          

Match #4

113lbs – #1-Richard Figueroa II (CA) vs. #2-Stevo Poulin (NY)   – Folkstyle

Colleges: Figueroa (Arizona St.); Poulin (Uncommitted)

Match  #5

145lbs – #1-Victor Voinovich (OH) vs.  #2-Jesse Vasquez (CA) – Folkstyle

Colleges: Voinovich (Uncommitted); Vasquez (Uncommitted)          

Match #6 

65kg  – Joshua Saunders (MO) vs. Anthony Echemendia (AZ)

Colleges: Saunders (Cornell); Echemendia (RTC to be decided            

Match  #7

152lbs. –  #1-Sonny Santiago (CA) vs. #2-Travis Mastrogiovanni (NJ)  – Folkstyle

Colleges: Santiago (Arizona St.); Mastrogiovanni (Uncommitted)            

Match #8

160lbs – #1-Paddy Gallagher (OH) vs. #2-Keegan Daniel O’Toole (WI)  – Freestyle

Colleges: Gallagher (Uncommitted); O’Toole (Missouri)                  

Match #9   

126lbs. – #1-Robert Howard (NJ) vs. #2-Trevor Mastrogiovanni (NJ)  – Freestyle

Colleges: Howard (Penn St.); Mastrogiovanni (Oklahoma St.)          

Match #10

138lbs. – #1-Beau Bartlett (PA) vs. #2-Ryan Sokol (MN)  – Folkstyle

Colleges: Bartlett (Penn St.); Sokol          

Match #11

170lbs. – #1-Alex Facundo (MI) vs. #2-Patrick Kennedy (MN)  –  Folkstyle

Colleges: Facundo (Uncommitted); Kennedy (Iowa)

Match #12

132lbs. –  Winner Match #1 vs. Winner Match #2  – Style to be determined by highest ranked opponent.

Supermatch #13

Pat Downey vs. Nick Rodriguez


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!