Future Iowa Hawkeyes looked great this weekend in leading Team Iowa to a second consecutive team title at Junior Duals in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The six Iowa Wrestling recruits went a combined 35-1 against top competition from around the country.

Iowa defeated Ohio 47-14 in the finals. 

At 120 Nate Jesuroga led the way by going 8-0 with seven tech falls and outscored his opponents 75-0. Ryder Block was 5-1 at 138 with four tech falls and a fall. Joel Jesuroga was 6-0 with two tech falls. At 160 Aiden Riggins was 7-0 with four tech falls. 

Kolby Franklin was 7-0 with seven tech falls with five matches at 195 and two at 220. Franklin outscored his seven opponents 74-3. Ben Kueter was 2-0 with two falls with a match at 220 and Hwt.

This was a real impressive showing by our incoming recruits.

Joel Jesuroga, Riggins, and Franklin are in the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2022. Nate Jesuroga, Block, and Kueter are in the Class of 2023.

The future looks great for Iowa Wrestling.

Iowa Assistant Coach Ryan Morningstar was on the coaching staff.

Next up will be Cadet and Junior Nationals in Fargo in July.


120 – Nate Jesuroga

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Cooper Shore (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Marcelo Pozo (Virginia) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Anthony Isek (Colorado) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Kaleb Marciszewski (Washington) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Massey Odiotti (Illinois) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Sam Smith (Oklahoma Blue) TF 11-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Alan Koehler (Minnesota Gold) TF 10-0

Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) over Marcus Blaze (Ohio) Dec 5-0


138 – Ryder Block

Ryan Bennett (Ohio Scarlet) over Ryder Block (Iowa) Fall 3:58

Ryder Block (Iowa) over Emilio Trujillo-Deen (Colorado) TF 15-2

Ryder Block (Iowa) over Smokey McClure (Washington) TF 11-0

Ryder Block (Iowa) over Nasir Bailey (Illinois) TF 14-4

Ryder Block (Iowa) over Cash Raymond (Minnesota Gold) TF 10-0

Ryder Block (Iowa) over Ismael Ayoub (Ohio) TF 10-0


145 – Joel Jesuroga

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Samuel Cartella (Ohio Scarlet) Dec 3-1

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Max Apsel (Virginia) TF 10-0

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Dustin Baxter (Washington) TF 11-0

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) Dec 7-1

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) over Jace Roller (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 10-1

Joel Jesuroga (Iowa) forfeit over (Ohio)


160 – Aiden Riggins

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Christopher Earnest (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Cooper Lockhart (Virginia) TF 12-0

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Aydin Rix McElhinney (Colorado) TF 10-0

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Thor Michaelson (Washington) Dec 3-2

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Chris Moore (Illinois) TF 10-0

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 9-8

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Aiden Riggins (Iowa) over Antwuan Burns (Ohio) TF 10-0


195 – Kolby Franklin

Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Coen Grimm (Ohio Scarlet) TF 10-0

Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Xavier Williams (Virginia) TF 11-0

Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Dylan Bravo-Parker (Colorado) TF 10-0

Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Donald Schmidt (Washington) TF 10-0

Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Jersey Robb (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0

220 – Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Max Balow (Minnesota Gold) TF 13-3

220 – Kolby Franklin (Iowa) over Carter Neves (Ohio) TF 10-0


220 – Ben Keuter

(Hwy) Ben Kueter (Iowa) over Hayden Simpson (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 1:07

(220) Ben Kueter (Iowa) over Logan Shephard (Ohio) Fall 1:22


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!