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Domination: An Inside Look at Iowa Wrestling

Iowa recruit Ybarra wins at All-Star meet

Iowa Wrestling recruit Jesse Ybarra competed in a match as part of the NWCA All-Star meet in Denver, Colorado on November 2.  Ybarra, ranked #13 in the country at 126 lbs., defeated #6 ranked Dominick Serrano of Colorado, 5-3, SV-1.

Ybarra has now had two great performances in All-Star meets recently.  He was named The Open Mat (TOM) High School Wrestler of the Week for the week of October 22 from defeating two nationally ranked wrestlers at The Agony in Ames.   

Ybarra is already a two-time state champion winning titles at 106 as a freshman and at 113 last season.  Ybarra won the Cadet Freestyle Pan American Championships Trials in Freestyle last spring at 55 kg/121 lbs. Ybarra really arrived on the national scene by winning a Cadet national title at 120 lbs. in Fargo this past summer.

Ybarra, from  Tucson, Arizona (Sunnyside HS), gave a verbal commitment to the University of Iowa on September 27 and is a member of the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2020.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!

Thoughts from Iowa wrestle-offs

There was a lot of action in the Iowa wrestling room for wrestle-offs on Thursday and Friday. Now that the dust has cleared, I want to take a look at each weight. There is an added excitement for Iowa Wrestling fans because this is competition week as the Hawks open the season on Friday.

The crowd for both days of wrestle-offs was amazing.  3:30 on a Thursday and Friday afternoon and the Iowa wrestling room was packed.  You had parents driving hundreds of miles and fans taking off work to get there in time to see it all. To see more fans at an Iowa wrestle-off than quite a few Division I college teams get for a home dual meet is impressive.

125 – As I have mentioned in blogs and podcasts in the past, Spencer Lee is… Spencer Lee. Lee looked dominate in pinning Aaron Cashman. I was impressed with Aaron Cashman as well. The best flurry of the two days of matches was when Cashman got in deep on a shot and Lee fought it off for no points scored.  Cashman is very quick and I look forward to seeing how he develops as a Hawkeye.

133 – I picked Austin DeSanto to win the wrestle-off over Paul Glynn and that Glynn would be a tough matchup.  I was right. DeSanto won two hard fought matches over Glynn, 5-3 and 6-3. I am excited about what DeSanto can do for the Hawks and I am a fan of tough, hard nosed wrestlers like Glynn.  

141 – In the most anticipated wrestle-off, redshirt freshman Max Murin defeated returning starter Vince Turk, 5-4.  Iowa has some real depth at 141 as Murin won a close 3-1 decision over Carter Happel and Turk won a close 6-3 match over Justin Stickley in the semifinals.  

I can only speculate that this weight is far from being decided, but Murin is definitely in the lead.  I would say there is a good chance that Murin, Turk and Happel are once again at Midlands at the end of December.  Whoever places the highest at Midlands should have a real good shot of being the starter when Iowa hits the Big Tens in March.

149 – Patricio Lugo was impressive in getting  a 14-3 major decision and a :36 fall over Zach Axmear.  I am really looking for big things from Lugo this season.  I think this guy has another gear of toughness that will come through at tournament time in March.

157 – In the second most anticipated weight for wrestle-offs, Kaleb Young came out on top of a very tough and deep weight.  In the semifinals, Young won a 14-3 major decision over Jeremiah Moody. Moody won a UWW Junior National title and captured a Gold at the Pan American Championships this summer.  

In the finals, Young scored a takedown in overtime to defeat Jeren Glosser, 3-1, SV1.  Just as with 141, there will be a lot more wrestling to be done before Iowa knows who will step on the mat at Big Tens because Glosser is that tough.  Midlands will more than likely again provide more answers for 157.

165 – Alex Marinelli defeated Nelson Brands in the finals, 6-3.  Brands has really impressed me so far this fall and he has a great future ahead of him as an Iowa Hawkeye.  I am looking for a huge year out of Marinelli at 165.

174 – Michael Kemerer did not compete at 174 at wrestle-offs.  I am confident that Kemerer will be ready to go this weekend.

184 – Another very good deep weight as two defending starters battled.  Cash Wilcke, an NCAA Qualifier the last two years at 197, defeated last year’s starter at 184 Mitch Bowman, 9-5.  184 is a deep weight for Iowa that also includes Myles Wilson.

197 – Jacob Warner scored a 10-1 major decision over Connor Corbin to win the varsity spot.  I know that my opinion of Warner is much higher that he is ranked nationally right now. The early competition is the toughest on the team so we will know quite a bit more about Warner very soon.

Hwt – Sam Stoll did not compete at wrestle offs.  True freshman Anthony Cassioppi defeated redshirt freshman Aaron Costello 2-0 on an escape and riding time point. Yet another weight that Iowa has very good depth at.

Another perk for wrestle-offs is that I was able to hear what official Rick Stahl was saying to the wrestlers.  That type of closed in environment was a great learning opportunity for me to try and learn the new rules. I spoke with Rick about a few of the new rules after the wrestling. There are rules changes from last year that I am still catching up on. It will be interesting to see how college wrestling will adapt to the new rules this season.

What a great crowd to be apart of as a fan and we were all treated to some very good wrestling.  Some fans were concerned about some of the low scores or tight matches. My response to that is two things.  One is that these guys have wrestled each other so many times that they know each other inside and out technically to know what is coming.  Also, the Iowa Wrestling room is absolutely loaded with talented and tough wrestlers. As I keep mentioning, it is the depth of tough and talented wrestlers that will lead a program.

I also need to mention how so many Iowa wrestlers looked bigger and stronger than last year.  The entire program had their weight down and as a program Iowa Wrestling looks noticeably stronger than last year.  Strength is in my opinion overlooked by too many people. Strength is never overlooked by me. I like what I am seeing with Iowa putting a wrestler on the mat that looks bigger and stronger than their opponent, because they are.  I really, really like that.

A championship team in any sport needs depth.  Iowa Wrestling has the best depth in the Tom Brands era and the best I have seen since the Gable era.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!



Kemerer making a big move

Michael Kemerer has made his name known in Iowa Wrestling over his first two years of varsity action. Kemerer came right out of the gates as a tough and exciting competitor for Iowa and has not looked back. Michael Kemerer is also in my opinion the recruit that really changed the direction of Iowa Wrestling.

Kemerer was a top ten overall recruit in the Class of 2015 and was a product of the Young Guns Wrestling Club in the Pittsburgh area coached by former Iowa All American Jody Strittmatter.  Iowa Wrestling now has three more Young Guns products in Kaleb Young, Spencer Lee, and Max Murin.

After placing third as a freshman and fourth as a sophomore at 157, Kemerer is making the move to 174 this year.  I have no doubt that Kemerer will be a force at 174 and be a very entertaining wrestler for the Iowa Wrestling fans.

The big talk for you over the off-season has been you going up two weight classes.  What can you tell us about going up two weight classes this year?

Michael Kemerer: It was something that after the season I let myself eat and workout and grow and really did not think about weight or anything for awhile.  It got to the point that I was joking around with some people that I was getting pretty big and I may want to do a two weight jump or something. I kind of talked about it for a little bit but I worked on getting better in wrestling. It looked like the best move for me and I would say it was pretty natural.  Once I committed to it I just kept doing my normal workouts just on full feed, wrestling hard and lift hard. It was pretty natural in my opinion.

With this being your fourth year in the program, how is the program the same or different than when you first came in as a true freshman?

Kemerer: I would say it is the same in that the standard has always been to work super hard.  Everything is earned obviously in this program. That is the philosophy. I think it is changing a little bit.  That is not a knock on the guys that were here when I got here. The type of guys here now are a little bit different.  I think it’s a good thing right now. I think we have a lot of good guys that are living the right lifestyle and doing the right things.  That is something that has been changing for the better and I think anybody you talk to that has been here for four years would agree with that.

What does it mean to you to have the NCAA National Championships in your hometown of Pittsburgh?

Kemerer: It’s really cool.  The biggest thing is to take it one thing at a time as the season goes on.  It’s cool to know that when I get there it’s in an arena that I have been in before as a Pittsburgh sports fan.  I went to a Pittsburgh Penguins game there last year and it is a really cool arena. I will have lots of family there.  I know it is really cool for them. For me it’s cool too.

You were the first Young Guns product to arrive on campus in the Fall of 2015.  Now you have been joined by three teammates (Kaleb Young, Spencer Lee, and Max Murin.)  What is it like for you to have those teammates that you have know for years and came up through the ranks with back home in Pittsburgh?

Kemerer: It is really cool.  Kaleb Young committed a couple of weeks before me but I was the first one here.  Before he and I committed, there had never been a Young Guns wrestler here.  It is neat to see that it has changed and there is a lot more of those guys out here. It is really cool that I have grown up wrestling with them and doing something that we were dreaming about a couple of years ago.  So it has been really fun to see.

I know you are always warming up getting ready to compete yourself, but who is your favorite teammate to watch compete?

Kemerer: Everyone loves to watching Spencer Lee wrestle.  That would be the guy that I would say. It’s tough this year because there are so many fun guys to watch. You have Stoll. For a heavyweight I think he is super exciting to watch the way he hand fights. How strong he is out on the mat. Marinelli too.  So there are a lot of guys.

What are you expecting from the team for performance this season?

Kemerer:  If we just go out there and wrestle hard and keep getting better every single week, there is no reason why we cannot win nationals at the end of the year. There are a lot of things we have to do first that goes into it and there is a lot of work that goes into it.  We have the right frame of mind and we are going to take it one day at a time.

What is your entrance song to home dual meets and why?

Kemerer: It’s “Who let the dogs out?”  The reason is that I really did not know what I going to come out to.  I was joking to someone about some people called me Kemdog. I came out to it and now everyone knows it.  People ask me if I am going to change my walkout song and I really can’t now because people like it.

What advice would you have for young wrestlers or parents that are looking to get to the Division I level.  When you do camps, is their one bit of philosophy or advise that you tell the young wrestlers and parents.

Kemerer:  I would say to make sure they are enjoying the sport when they want to keep getting better. The biggest change that I noticed growing up especially at my club at Young Guns is I remember hitting a certain age where it went from my dad having me do stuff to me wanting to do it.  So really getting kids to be driven and to want to get better and work on their own and that independence is huge.

It is safe to say that Michael Kemerer carries himself on and off the mat as a winner.  He does it all with All-American and All-Big Ten Academic awards, top notch young man, very hard worker in the room, and a real tough competitor on the mat in competition.  If Michael Kemerer is indeed the one wrestler that started to turn the Iowa Wrestling program in a different direction for future success, they made a great choice.  It is because of guys like Michael Kemerer that I am such a big Iowa Wrestling fan.

If the next two years are anything like the first two for Michael Kemerer, Iowa Wrestling fans are in for some great entertainment.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!


Iowa wrestle-offs schedule of matches

Iowa Wrestling will have their wrestle-offs in the Iowa Wrestling room on Thursday and Friday, November 1-2.  The action will begin at 3:30 PM both days. All fans are welcomed to attend and admission is free.  There will be two mats in the Iowa Wrestling room for wrestle-offs.

*****Schedule is subject to change.

Thursday, November 1

Match 1 – 141 lbs. Justin Stickley vs. Cam Shaver

Match 2 – 157 lbs. Danny Murphy vs Keegan Shaw

Match 3 – 157 lbs. Jeremiah Moody vs Joe Kelly

Match 4 – 157 lbs. Kaleb Young vs Preston Stephenson

Match 5 – 125 lbs. Perez Perez vs Aaron Cashman

Match 6 – 133 lbs. Paul Glynn vs Austin DeSanto

Match 7 – 141 lbs. Carter Happel vs Max Murin

Match 8 – 149 lbs. Patricio Lugo vs Zach Axmear

Match 9 – 165 lbs. Nelson Brands vs Tristan McDonald

Match 10 – 184 lbs. Myles Wilson vs To be determined

Match 11 – 184 lbs. Mitch Bowman vs Cash Wilcke

Match 12 – 197 lbs. Connor Corbin vs Cade Brownlee

Match 13 – Hwt Anthony Cassioppi vs Aaron Costello

Match 14 – 141 lbs. Vince Turk vs Winner of Stickley/Shaver

Match 15 – 157 lbs. Jeren Glosser vs Winner of Murphy/Shaw

Match 16 – 157 lbs. Winner of Moody/Kelly vs Winner of Young/Stephenson


Friday, November 2

Match 1 – 125 lbs. Spencer Lee vs Winner of Perez/Cashman

Match 2 – 133 lbs. Paul Glynn vs Austin DeSanto

Match 3 – 141 lbs. Winner of Happel/Murin vs Winner of Turk vs Stickley/Shaver

Match 4 – 149 lbs. Patricio Lugo vs Zach Axmear

Match 5 – 157 lbs. Winner of Match 15  vs Winner of Match 16

Match 6 – 165 lbs. Winner of Brands/McDonald vs Alex Marinelli

Match 7 – 184 lbs. Myles Wilson vs To be determined

Match 8 – 184 lbs. Mitch Bowman vs Cash Wilcke

Match 9 – 197 lbs. Winner of Corbin/Brownlee vs Jacob Warner

Match 10 – To be determined


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!

Iowa recruit Assad wins Super 32 title

Iowa Wrestling recruits were well represented at the Super 32 Challenge in Greensboro, North Carolina this weekend. Super 32 is known as the toughest folkstyle tournament every year by bringing in nationally ranked wrestlers from all across the country to compete.

Abe Assad of Carol Stream IL (Glenbard North HS) won a Super 32 title at 182 lbs.  Assad topped nationally sixth ranked Gerrit Nijenhuis of Pennsylvania in the finals, 5-3.  Assad is Iowa’s top ranked recruit for the Recruiting Class of 2019 and won a Bronze medal at the Cadet World Freestyle Championships in July.

Patrick Kennedy of Kasson-Mantorville, MN dropped an exciting 16-12 match in the finals at 170 lbs. to nationally fourth ranked Dustin Plott of Oklahoma to place second.  Kennedy, ranked fifth nationally, is the top recruit for the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2020.

Cullan Schriever of Mason City, Iowa placed sixth at 113 lbs. with a 6-3 record.  Zach Glazier (182 lbs.) of Albert Lea, MN and Ryan Sokol (132 lbs.) of Inver Grove Heights, MN did not place.

Assad and Glazier are in the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2019, Kennedy and Schriever are in the Class of 2020, and Sokol is in the Class of 2021.

Iowa Wrestling Assistant Coach Ryan Morningstar was at the Super 32 as this is a hotbed for recruiting every year.


182 lbs.

Round 1: Abe Assad (IL) TF over James Cruz (NJ) 21-3

Round 2: Abe Assad (IL) dec over Sterling Mclaughlin (NH), 5-2

Round 3: Abe Assad (IL) FALL over Jacob Meek (OH) 1:39

Quarterfinals: Abe Assad (IL) dec over Rocky Elam (MO), 7-3

Semifinals: Abe Assad (IL) dec over Sam Fisher (VA) 5-1

Finals: Abe Assad (IL) dec over Gerrit Nijenhuis (PA), 5-3


170 lbs.

Round 1:  Patrick Kennedy (MN) BYE

Round 2: Patrick Kennedy (MN) TF over Gunner Spain (PA), 18-2

Round 3: Patrick Kennedy (MN) Maj dec over Seth Shumate (OH), 9-1

Round 4: Patrick Kennedy (MN) dec over Joseph Walker (IN) 9-2

Quarterfinals: Patrick Kennedy (MN) Maj dec Jakeem Littles (GA) 11-0

Semifinals: Patrick Kennedy (MN)  dec over Alex Cramer (IL), 7-3

Finals: Dustin Plott (OK) dec over Patrick Kennedy (MN), 16-12


113 lbs.

Round 1: Cullan Schriever (IA) Maj dec David Panda (MD), 12-3

Round 2: Cullan Schriever (IA) dec over Ethan Fernandez (NJ), 4-0

Round 3: Cullan Schriever (IA) FALL over Daniel Uhorchek (TN) 2:21

Round 4: Cullan Schriever (IA) dec over Joey Thompson (MN), 7-4

Quarterfinals: Logan Agin (OH) dec over Cullan Schriever (IA), 2-1

Consi 1: Cullan Schriever (IA) dec over Quinn Melofchik (NJ), 3-2

Consi 2: Cullan Schriever (IA) dec over Nicholas Nardone (NJ), 5-1

Consi 3: Jeremiah Reno (MO) dec over Cullan Schriever (IA), 8-2

5th place match: Logan Agin (OH) dec over Cullan Schriever (IA), 3-1


182 lbs.

Round 1: Zach Glazier (MN) FALL over Abraham Spurlock (MA) 4:53

Round 2: Zach Glazier (MN) Maj dec over John Stout (NJ), 11-3

Round 3: Troy Sizemore (OH) dec over Zach Glazier (MN), 5-0

Consi 1: Zach Glazier (MN)  dec over Julian Gorring (PA), 3-1

Consi 2: Zach Glazier (MN) dec over Vincent Baker, GA), 8-6

Consi 3: Jackson Turkey (VA) dec over Zach Glazier (MN), 3-1


132 lbs.

Round 1: Ryan Sokol (MN) BYE

Round 2: Ryan Sokol (MN) FALL over Josh Bower (FL) 2:28

Round 3: Ryan Sokol (MN) dec over Kibwe Mcnair (PA), 9-3

Round 4: Darren Miller (PA) dec over Ryan Sokol (MN), 9-2

Consi 1: Ryan Sokol (MN) Maj dec Phillip Smith (MD), 12-3

Consi 2: Ryan Sokol (MN) FALL over Frank Abacherli (CA), 1:05

Consi 3: Nicholas Vafiadis (VA) dec over Ryan Sokol (MN), 6-4


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!


Iowa recruits to compete in Super 32

The Super 32 Challenge, the toughest folkstyle high school wrestling tournament in the country, will be this weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina.  The Greensboro Special Events Center will be the scene as wrestlers from all across the country will compete on Saturday and Sunday, October 27-28.

Future Hawks that have committed to the University of Iowa will be in action.  Super 32 is a great opportunity to see how our recruits stack up against some of the best high school wrestlers in the country.

FloWrestling is calling 132 lbs. that includes Iowa commit Ryan Sokol as the toughest weight.  

Cullan Schriever, Mason City, Iowa – 113 lbs.

Ryan Sokol, Inver Grove Heights, MN – 132 lbs.

Patrick Kennedy, Kasson-Mantorville, MN – 170 lbs.

Abe Assad, Carol Stream, IL – 182 lbs.

Zach Glazier, Albert Lea, MN – 182 lbs.

Assad and Kennedy are in the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2019, Kennedy and Schriever are in the Class of 2020, and Sokol is in the Class of 2021.

FloWreslting will have all of the action at:


Ranked wrestlers registered for Super 32:


#1 – Greg Diakomihalis (NY)

#3 – Cullan Schriever (IA)

#4 @ 106  – Vince Cornella (CO)

#6 – Jacob Moran (IN)

#8 – Sam Latona (AL)

#9 – Logan Agin (OH)

#10 – Dustin Norris (OH)

#12 – Daniel Cardenas (CO)

#13 – Cooper Flynn (MD)

#17 – Joey Thompson (MN)

#18 – Dean Peterson (NJ)

#20 – Jordan Titus (NY)



#2 – Joshua Saunders (MO)

#4 – Beau Bartlett (PA)

#5 – Julian Chlebove (PA)

#7 – Sam Hillegas (PA)

#8 – Dylan D’Emilio (OH)

#10 – Joshua Edmond (MI)

#11 @ 138 – Patrick Noonan (PA)

#12 – Malyke Hines (FL)

#14 – Asa Garcia (IN)

#14 @ 138 – Frankie Tal-Shahar (FL)

#15 – Mick Burnett (OH)

#16 – Kenny Hermann (PA)

#16 @ 126 – Wyatt Henson (MO)

#20 – Justin Rivera (FL)

#20 @ 138 – Gabriel Hixenbaugh (AL)

*Ryan Sokol is currently unranked.



#4 – Dustin Plott (OK)

#5 – Patrick Kennedy (MN)

#10 – Kai Bele (FL)

#9 – Alex Cramer (IL)

#11 – Christian Rodriguez (CA)

#12 @ 182 – Luke Nichter (PA)

#12 – Troy Fisher (KS)

#13 – Edmond Ruth (PA)

#16 – Greyden Penner (MO)



#2 – Abe Assad (IL)

#3 – Carter Starocci (PA)

#6 – Jackson Turley (VA)

#6 @170 – Gerrit Nijenhuis (PA)

#9 – Zach Glazier (MN)

#9  @ 170 – Christopher Foca (NJ)

#16 – Rocky Elam (MO)

#17 – Carson Brewer (IN)

#18 – Julian Gorring (PA)

#19 – Sammy Deprez (NY)

#20 – Nathan Haas (CA)


I will provide updates on:




It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!


Molinari places 5th at Women’s World Championships

Forrest Molinari of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club placed fifth for Team USA at 65 kg/143 lbs. at the 2018 Women’s World Freestyle Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Molinari drew a first round bye and then defeated Leidy Izquierdo Mendez of Colombia, 4-0.  In the Quarterfinals, Molinari dropped a 6-2 decision to Danielle Lappage of Canada.

Molinari qualified for repechage.  Down 4-0 at break and then by 6-2 and 8-4, Molinari hit a headlock for the Fall in 5:26 over Kuznetsova of Russia.  She just kept attacking and got the big throw to end the match.  In the Bronze medal match, Molinari dropped a tough 1-1 decision to Iryna Netreba of Azerbaijan.  Both wrestlers surrendered a point on the shot clock, but Netreba scored last.

This was the first World Championships for Molinari.  Placing fifth in the World and being so close to doing even better should propel her to place even higher next season.  Forrest Molinari has a lot of potential to become a much better wrestler.  A full year of training in the Iowa Wrestling room should get Molinari ready for the 2019 season.

Women’s World Freestyle Championships

65 kg/143 lbs.

Forrest Molinari(USA) dec Leidy Izquierdo Mendez (Colombia), 4-0

Quarterfinals: Danielle Lappage (CAN) dec Forrest Molinari (USA), 6-2

Repechage: Forrest Molinari(USA) wins by Fall Kuznetsova (Russia), 5:26

Bronze Medal Match: Iryna Netreba (Azerbaijan) dec Forrest Molinari (USA), 1-1

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!

Iowa commit Ybarra named TOM Wrestler of the Week

Iowa Wrestling commit Jesse Ybarra has been named as the The Open Mat (TOM) High School Wrestler of the Week. Ybarra, ranked #8 in the country from Tucson, Arizona (Sunnyside HS), won two matches over ranked wrestlers at The Agony in Ames on Saturday.   Ybarra defeated #11 Jeremiah Reno of Missouri, 5-3 and #15 Caleb Rathjen of Iowa, 3-1.

Ybarra is already a two-time state champion winning titles at 106 as a freshman and at 113 last season.  Ybarra won the Cadet Freestyle Pan American Championships Trials in Freestyle last spring at 55 kg/121 lbs. Ybarra won a Cadet freestyle national title at 120 lbs. in Fargo this summer.

Ybarra committed to the Hawks on September 27 and is a member of the Iowa Wrestling Recruiting Class of 2020.

126 lbs.: #8 Jesse Ybarra (Arizona) dec #11 Jeremiah Reno (Missouri), 5-3

126 lbs.: #8 Jesse Ybarra (Arizona) dec #15 Caleb Rathjen (Iowa), 3-1

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!

Molinari of HWC set to compete at Worlds

Forrest Molinari of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club will compete at 65 kg/143 lbs. in the 2018 World Freestyle Championships in Budapest, Hungary.  Molinari made her first World team with a very impressive showing at Final X. From her great season so far, Molinari earned a #2 seed at 65 kg at the Worlds.

Molinari drew a first round bye and will face the winner of Leidy Izquierdo Mendez (Colombia) and Krystina Fedarashka (Belarus).  First round competition begins at 3:30 AM CST on Tuesday, October 23.  All of the wrestling is available live on through their premium service.

Molinari will also represent Team USA at the U23 World Freestyle Championships in November.

Alli Ragan, also of the Hawkeye Wrestling Club, made her sixth straight World team but had to withdraw due to injury.

Molinari was a 2018 Pan American Championships gold medalist and captured a Pan American bronze medal in 2017. She won the U23 World Team Trials in both 2017 and 2018 and was a member of Team USA at the 2015 Junior World Championships.

A native of Benicia, California, Molinari was a WCWA national champion for King University and was a three-time WCWA All-American. Molinari trains with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club at the University of Iowa.

I will be following Molinari’s matches on:

Facebook at

and on Twitter at

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!

Gilman places 5th at Worlds

Thomas Gilman placed fifth at 57 kg at the 2018 World Freestyle Championships in Budapest, Hungary.  Gilman started off with a 6-3 decision in the first round over Davidovi of Italy followed by a hard fought 4-0 decision over Giorgi Edisherashvili of Azerbaijan.  Gilman had dropped a match to Edisherashvili at the World Cup in April.

In the semifinals Gilman dropped an 11-0 tech fall to Sanayev of Kazakhstan.  In the Bronze medal match, Gilman dropped a 5-4 decision to Atli of Turkey.

It is a huge boost for the Iowa Wrestling program to have a Hawkeye on the World Team.

Gilman won a Silver at the World Championships last year and he will be back.

57 kg Round 1

Thomas Gilman (USA) dec over Davidovi of Italy, 6-3


Thomas Gilman (USA) dec over Giorgi Edisherashvili (Azerbaijan), 4-0.


Kaz Sanayev (Kaz) won by TF over Thomas Gilman (USA), 11-0

Bronze Medal match:

Suleyman Atli (Turkey) dec. Thomas Gilman (USA), 5-4

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!