As confident as I am in the popularity of Iowa Wrestling and the anticipation for the upcoming season, even I am amazed at the ticket availability right now. Folks, over 14,000 season tickets have been sold for the 2021-2022 Iowa Wrestling season. Oh, and it is November 3.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have six home dual meets. If you were planning on walking up and buying a ticket for a home dual meet you are more than likely out of luck. Unless you buy a ticket from a scalper. Single dual meet tickets are still not available for any of the home meets. Only season tickets are on sale and the few remaining are going quickly. I would go online and order season tickets right now and be prepared to have few selections for where your seat is located.

With the way season tickets are selling at the current pace, we definitely are looking at a sellout crowd for the entire home dual meet season. That is an unprecedented achievement in the history of college wrestling that is almost unbelievable. Well, I am sure it is unbelievable for any other program except Iowa Wrestling.

I went to the University of Iowa Ticket Office in Carver-Hawkeye Arena just this morning and bought two season tickets for my Dad and I in the exact spot we like except for an aisle seat. All aisle seats have been sold out for months which is impressive. I think we have seats 4 and 5. Close enough because this is no time to be picky.

Great customer service by the young lady working at the U of I ticket office this morning. Well done.

Now it is time to flex and call it like it is.

I have been saying on this blog for years the following:

No other sports team that I know of in the country (or world), at any level, has an advantage over the rest of the competition for a fan base the way that Iowa Wrestling does. 

That dominating lead and gap by the Iowa Wrestling Nation over the rest of the country just grew by quite a bit with this ticket situation. True domination.

Stating that the current Iowa wrestlers are competing in front of a sellout crowd for every single home dual meet this season has got to be a fairly effective recruiting pitch out on the recruiting trail.

The anticipation of the upcoming season in the form of ticket sales has also got to help with fundraising for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club and what I named as “The greatest wrestling training facility…in the world.” The new facility.

Iowa Wrestling kicks off what looks be an epic and historic 2021-2022 season with a home dual meet against #22 Princeton on Friday, November 19 at 7 PM CST in front of over 14,000 fans. I hope they start at 125 because I am ready to hear the lead in to We Will Rock You by Queen as Spencer Lee takes the mat to a deafening sellout home crowd more than ready for some kick ass Iowa Wrestling. Can. Not. Wait.

Let’s get ‘em in the middle.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!