The author: Todd Conner

Hello, and welcome to Todd Conner’s Iowa Wrestling Fan Blog.

A rundown of my background in wrestling:

Author of Domination: An Inside look at Iowa Wrestling.  I wanted to share the stories of what I had seen from competition and in the practice room of Iowa Wrestling.

Owner, writer and Editor of Todd Conner’s Wrestling Report, 1996-2003  Covering high school, college, and international wrestling in the great state of Iowa including High School Ratings.

Born and raised in Lisbon, Iowa:  The Wrestling Capital of Iowa.  Lisbon won state titles when I was in Kindergarten, first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, and tenth grade when I was in school.

I learned the basics of wrestling from Al “Coach” Baxter, a true legend, from Kindergarten – fifth grade.  I then wrestled for Brad Smith at Lisbon.  Coach Smith, an NCAA National Champion at Iowa, is the best High School wrestling coach I have ever known.

I have attended Iowa Wrestling practices on a regular basis since October of 1983.

Graduated from the University of Iowa.

I have followed the entire career of Royce Alger, Mark Ironside, and Ryan Morningstar real close.  I traveled the state and country following their careers.

I hope you enjoy my articles and share them with others.

Todd Conner