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Iowa Wrestling Stars and Stripes Hat

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Domination: An Inside Look at Iowa Wrestling

By Todd Conner
Released in 2001.

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After spending nearly twenty years in the Iowa Wrestling room as a fan, I released Domination: An Inside Look at Iowa Wrestling in December of 2001.  This is a book written from the perspective of being an Iowa Wrestling fan for the wrestling fan.  The quotes by Iowa Wrestling legends is well worth the entire book.
This book is my way of telling you stories about Iowa Wrestling.  Todd Conner
1. It’s not extra work
2. The Room
3. Gable
4. The Ride – Alger
5. Ironside
6. Passion
7. The Great Ones: Brands!, Jimmy Z, Bill Zadick, McIlravy, Steiners, and Schwab
8. Domination
9. Heroes come from the strangest of places (Recruiting)
10. Biggest matches
11. The greatest team of all-time
12. Why Iowa/The fans
13. Passing the torch
14. Iowa All-Americans
15. The records

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