The Hawkeye Wrestling Club will have practice open to the public at 9 AM on Saturday, September 10. Doors to the Dan Gable Wrestling Complex in Carver-Hawkeye Arena will open at 8:30.  The bleachers will be pulled out and I am expecting a full house.  In the past Iowa wrestlers will be working out on their own during these HWC practices. Official practice for D-I college wrestling begins on Monday, October 10.

The Iowa-Iowa State football game has a 3 PM kickoff. This will allow fans to come into town for the wrestling practice and be able to get home in time for the game. I guarantee you Iowa City will be buzzing with excitement for the Iowa-Iowa State game. This will be an environment that fans will want to be a part of if nothing else for the HWC practice.

You cannot help but notice the construction under way at Carver for the new stand alone wrestling facility that I named “The greatest wrestling training facility…in the world.” Seeing the construction site in person really lets you know how big the new facility will be.

I have not heard if the Iowa Women’s team will be working out. I did not see anyone from the women’s program last Saturday at the HWC practice. I know that would make for a full room but it would be great for fans like me that want to see members of the new program for the first time.

Maybe the coaching staff and wrestlers for the new women’s program could show up to meet fans. They could sign autographs, take pictures and talk to fans. Facebook and Twitter would take those pictures out to the world. I am sure there are some young wrestlers, boosters, and fans out there that would like to meet them. What a great opportunity to promote the new program that is the first women’s wrestling program in a Power 5 Conference. Just me thinking out loud as fan.

The anticipation for the upcoming season is in the air. If you are a fan I recommend attending a workout like this. 

The schedule has not been released yet for the upcoming season but should be soon. I will keep you up to date.


Upcoming dates for Iowa Wrestling:

Saturday, September 17 – Home football game (Nevada)

Saturday, October 1 – Home football game (Michigan)

Monday, October 10 – First day of practice

October 29 – Home football game (Northwestern) *Homecoming


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!