Kale Petersen has announced that he will be an Iowa Hawkeye. Petersen is a two-time state champion winning a title at Greene County (2A) and at West Fork (1A). Petersen picked the Hawks over Iowa State and Purdue.

Petersen will probably begin his career at 133 for the Hawks. A senior this year at Greene County, Petersen will be a member of the outstanding Recruiting Class of 2023. I have previously stated that the Class of 2023 is the best recruiting class in the history of Iowa Wrestling.

Petersen has been a member of the Sebolt Wrestling Academy for years. SWA has become a pipeline to the Iowa Wrestling program over the last two recruiting classes.

As with all of our incoming recruits I will follow all of Petersen’s matches on my weekly blogs for a preview and follow up with results throughout the season. 

Welcome aboard Kale Petersen.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!