This is part two of my Big Tens preview.

It is tournament time. The Big Tens will be in Ann Arbor, Michigan this Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5. It is a tradition for this tournament to have great if not amazing competition. 

The Big Ten was awarded 88 of the 284 automatic qualifiers to the 2023 NCAA National Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 16-18. There will also be 46 at-large bids for all of the qualifiers. Each of the ten weight classes at Nationals will have 33 wrestlers seeded out 1-33.

Iowa faced eight Big Ten teams in the regular season. I have listed the results of those matches. I also listed the Big Ten Pre-Seeds and where the wrestlers are ranked nationally by InterMat.



Another stacked weight at Big Tens. #2,3,4, and 6 and nine of the top thirty wrestlers in the entire country here at 149. That’s the Big Ten for you. The Big Ten has nine automatic qualifiers at 149 and there are four At-Large bids to qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

There will be some real good matches in the quarterfinals at this weight with ranked wrestlers that could provide some upsets. Murin needs to be ready to go.

For Murin to beat the elite at Big Tens and Nationals he cannot wait and then turn up the pace and intensity later in the match. He needs to start and wrestle the entire match at a very high level of intensity and pace to win. 

Murin is a great example of being a grinder who will not be out fought or out wanted. Yes, I am a real big fan of that. Max Murin is a senior that I expect to finish the season wrestling his career best.


Big Ten Pre-Seed/InterMat Ranking

149 lbs. (9 NCAA Qualifiers)

  1. Sammy Sasso (OSU) – #3
  2. Austin Gomez (WIS) – #2
  3. Yahya Thomas (NU) – #4
  4. Max Murin (IOWA) – #6
  5. Shayne Van Ness (PSU) – #13
  6. Michael Blockhus (MINN) – #15
  7. Graham Rooks (IND) – #28
  8. Ethen Miller (MD) – #18
  9. Chance Lamer (MICH) – #30
  10. Tony White (RU)
  11. Dayne Morton (NEB)
  12. Jake Harrier (ILL)
  13. Peyton Omania (MSU)
  14. Jaden Reynolds (PUR)


Max Murin vs. Big Ten opponents this season

Kaven Davenport (Illinois) W-Pin, 3:34 (Davenport will not compete at Big Tens)

Trey Kruse (Purdue) W-TF 22-7 (5:37) (Kruse will not compete at Big Tens)

#5 Yahya Thomas (Northwestern) L-D 3-2

Dayne Morton (Nebraska) W-Pin, 3:47 

#2 Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) L-D 5-2

#12 Shayne Van Ness (Penn State) W-D 4-1

#15 Michael Blockhus (Minnesota) W-D 11-7

Chance Lamer (Michigan) W-D 10-4



To have a wrestler ranked #33 in the country and yet listed as the Pre-Seed #13 at 157 is amazing. Thirteen ranked wrestlers out of fourteen teams. That has to at least tie if not set a record for the Big Ten Championships. Even for the Big Ten this is nuts.

The Big Ten has ten automatic qualifiers and there are four At-Large bids for Nationals.

Cobe Siebrecht has run a gauntlet of competition this year competing in the Big Ten and I believe he is more than ready. Siebrecht is the type of guy that nobody really wants to wrestle. He keeps his opponents and fans wondering what is coming next. I look for his mat wrestling to play a big role this weekend to win the close matches.

Nearly every single match at 157 will be two nationally ranked wrestlers going at it. Every match, every point, every position will be contested by a nationally ranked wrestler. That non-stop intensity and grind over two days bids well for a Hawkeye. I look for a real good tournament out of Siebrecht.


Big Ten Pre-Seed/InterMat Ranking

157 lbs. (10 NCAA Qualifiers)

  1. Peyton Robb (NEB) – #1
  2. Levi Haines (PSU) – #7
  3. Kendall Coleman (PUR) – #6
  4. Chase Saldate (MSU) – #12
  5. Cobe Siebrecht (IOWA) – #14
  6. Will Lewan (MICH) – #15
  7. Michael Carr (ILL) – #13
  8. Trevor Chumbley (NU) – #16
  9. Garrett Model (WIS) – #19
  10. Derek Gilcher (IND) – #24
  11. Brayton Lee (MINN) – #18
  12. Paddy Gallagher (OSU) – #25
  13. Andrew Clark (RU) – #33
  14. Michael North (MD)


Cobe Siebrecht vs. the Big Ten opponents this season

Michael Carr (Illinois) L-D 12-7

#9 Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) W-D 6-3

#1 Peyton Robb (Nebraska) L-D 7-2 

#18 Garrett Model (Wisconsin) W-D 3-2

#6 Levi Hanes (Penn State) L-D 3-2

#17 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) W-D 4-0

#10 Will Lewan (Michigan) W-D 3-1, SV1


Caleb Rathjen vs. Big Ten opponents this season

#3 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) L-D 3-2



It is time for Patrick Kennedy to take a step up and Big Tens is a great platform to do just that. Another real tough weight at Big Tens. A weight that may see some upsets. The Big Ten has eight automatic bids and there are five At-Large bids for Nationals at 165.

Kennedy is 6-1 in Big Ten competition this year with his one loss to Hamiti of Wisconsin, 4-3.

I would be more than OK if the Pre-Seeds hold up. I love Kennedy at #3.

I believe Kennedy is at the point that anything less than a Big Ten title will be disappointing to him. I like our chances here to bring home a Big Ten title. It’s time for Kennedy.


Big Ten Pre-Seed/InterMat Ranking

165 lbs. (8 NCAA Qualifiers)

  1. Dean Hamiti (WIS) – #6
  2. Cameron Amine (MICH) – #4
  3. Patrick Kennedy (IOWA) – #7
  4. Alex Facundo (PSU) – #9
  5. Carson Kharchla (OSU) – #12
  6. Caleb Fish (MSU) – #20
  7. Maxx Mayfield (NU) – #17
  8. Danny Braunagel (ILL) – #25
  9. Andrew Sparks (MN) – #28
  10. Bubba Wilson (NEB) – #33
  11. Nick South (IND)
  12. Robert Kanniard (RU)
  13. Stony Buell (PUR)
  14. John Martin Best (MD)


Patrick Kennedy vs. Big Ten opponents this season

#11 Danny Braunagel (Illinois) W-MD 15-4

#19 Maxx Mayfield (Northwestern) W-D 4-2

Bubba Wilson (Nebraska) W-MD 12-4

#6 Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) L-D 4-3

#13 Alex Facundo (Penn State) W-D 2-1, TB2

Cael Carlson (Minnesota) W-D 13-8  (Carson not competing at Big Tens)

Alex Wesselman (Michigan) W-Pin, 2:31 (Wesselman not competing at Big Tens)


Aiden Riggins vs. Big Ten opponents this season

Stoney Buell (Purdue) W-D 9-4


Big Ten Championships

Saturday, March 4

Session I – 9 AM

Session II 

Consolations and Wrestlebacks – 4:30 PM

Semifinals – 6:30 PM


Sunday, March 5

Session III Consolation Semifinals and 7th place – Noon

Session IV 1sr/3rd/5th place matches – 3:30 PM

*****All times listed are CST


It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!