FloWrestling and American Women’s Wrestling released a new Women’s College Wrestling P4P (Pound for Pound) Rankings today.

The Top 25 P4P Rankings include all of women’s college wrestling with both NAIA and NCAA. 

#1 ranked Iowa is well represented. The Hawks have three in the top five and eight in the top twenty-two overall ranked wrestlers in the country. That is impressive.

Of the top twenty-five wrestlers in all of college wrestling, Iowa has three freshmen ranked that are all at 101 lbs. with #14 Sterling Dias, #15 Emilie Gonzalez, and #17 Briana Gonzalez.


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Women’s College Wrestling P4P Rankings 

  1. Kylie Welker (Freshman) 170 lbs.


  1. Felicity Taylor (Senior) 123 lbs.


  1. Marlynn Deede (Senior) 155 lbs.


  1. Reese Larramendy (Freshman) 143 lbs.


  1. Sterling Dias (Freshman) 101 lbs.


  1. Emilie Gonzalez (Freshman) 101 lbs.


  1. Briana Gonzalez (Freshman) 101 lbs.


  1. Esther Han (Freshman) 136 lbs.


#1 ranked Iowa will be back in action at the North Central College Invitational in Naperville, Illinois on Sunday, December 10.

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It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!