Eight members of the Iowa Women’s Wrestling team will be competing at the Olympic Trials. All of the Hawks will be competing for IWWC (Iowa Women’s Wrestling Club).

The 2024 Olympic Trials will be on Friday and Saturday, April 19-20 in State College, Pennsylvania. 

The 2024 Olympic Team will be set for Team USA for the Summer Olympics in Paris, France on August 5-11.

We will have three Hawks at 50kg with Ava Bayless, Nyla Valencia, and Emile Gonzalez. There will also be three Hawks competing at 76kg with Kylie Welker, Rose Cassioppi, and Marlynne Deede.

Felicity Taylor will be competing at 53kg and Reese Larramendy at 68kg.

I have listed the Pre-Seeds below. There could be changes in the brackets depending on any wrestlers that are unable to compete at the time of the Trials.

The Olympic Trials will be streaming live on Peacock, NBC Sports and NBC Sports app.

You can watch the Olympic Trials on TV on the USA Network.

To have eight wrestlers competing in the Olympic Trials after their first year of competition is impressive for the Iowa Women’s Wrestling program.

Best of luck to all of the Hawkeyes competing in the Olympic Trials.


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2024 Olympic Team Trials

50 kg

Best-of-Three Championship Series

Sarah Hildebrandt (USOPTC/New York AC)

Challenge Tournament

  1. Audrey Jimenez (Sunkist Kids WC)
  2. Sage Mortimer (Titan Mercury WC)
  3. Samara Chavez (Team Tornado WC)
  4. Erin Golston (New York AC)
  5. Kaelani Shufeldt (California)
  6. Kendra Ryan (Cardinal WC)
  7. Mia Palumbo (Illinois)
  8. Ava Bayless (Iowa Women’s WC)
  9. Nyla Valencia (Iowa Women’s WC)
  10. Emilie Gonzalez (Iowa Women’s WC)


53 kg

Best-of-Three Championship Series

Dominique Parrish (Sunkist Kids WC)

Challenge Tournament Semifinal

Bottom – Jacarra Winchester (Cowboy WC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

  1. Vayle-Rae Baker (West Point WC)
  2. Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids WC)
  3. Haley Augello (Izzy Style Wrestling)
  4. Areana Villaescusa (U.S. Army WCAP)
  5. Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC)
  6. Felicity Taylor (Iowa Women’s WC/Titan Mercury WC)
  7. Brianna Gonzalez (Iowa Women’s WC/Titan Mercury WC)
  8. Sydney Petzinger (Cardinal WC)
  9. Amy Mason (Titan Mercury WC)
  10. Juliana Diaz (Missouri Baptist WC)


68 kg

Best-of-Three Championship Series

Amit Elor (New York City RTC/Titan Mercury WC)

Challenge Tournament

  1. Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids WC)
  2. Alexandria Glaude (Beaver Dam RTC /Titan Mercury WC)
  3. Reese Larramendy (Iowa Women’s WC/Titan Mercury WC)
  4. Aine Drury (California)
  5. Alara Boyd (Cardinal WC)
  6. Brooklyn Hays (Minnesota Gold WC)
  7. Kaylynn Albrecht (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC)
  8. Solin Piearcy (Titan Mercury WC)
  9. Chloe Ogden (Florida)
  10. Caitlyn Davis (Southern Oregon)


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76 kg

Best-of-Three Championship Series

Adeline Gray (New York AC)

Challenge Tournament

  1. Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids WC)
  2. Kylie Welker (Iowa Women’s WC/Titan Mercury WC)
  3. Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC/Titan Mercury WC)
  4. Dymond Guilford (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC)
  5. Tristan Kelly (U.S. Army WCAP)
  6. Precious Wieser (Titan Mercury WC)
  7. Marlynne Deede (Iowa Women’s WC)
  8. Skylar Grote (USOPTC/Titan Mercury WC)
  9. Rose Cassioppi (Iowa Women’s WC)
  10. Madison Sandquist (Rise RTC)
  11. Tavia Heidelberg-Tillotson (Menlo)


Schedule for 2024 Olympic Trials

***All times listed are CST

Friday, April 19

9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Session I – Challenge Tournament Preliminaries, Quarterfinals and Consolation Rounds, for all styles and weight classes. (Note: all Championship matches will be held prior to the consolation rounds)

5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Session II – Challenge Tournament Semifinals and Finals, all styles and weight classes

Saturday, April 20

9:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. – Session III – Round One of Best-of-Three Championship Series, all styles and weight classes, plus Round Two of Best-of-Three Championship Series in the five weight classes not yet qualified for the Olympics. Also the completion of the Challenge Tournament consolation semifinals, consolation finals, third place bouts and True third (in necessary)

5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. – Session IV – Round Three of Best-of-Three Championship Series (if necessary) in the five weight classes not yet qualified for the Olympics. Followed by Round Two and Round Three (if necessary) in the 13 weight classes qualified for the Olympic Games. The session concludes with the presentation of the U.S. Olympic Team.

It is great to be an Iowa Wrestling fan.

Go Hawks!