Patrick Kennedy won the 79kg/174 lbs. title at U23 Nationals in Geneva, Ohio. Kennedy will now represent Team USA at the U23 Pan American Championships in Rionegro, Colombia on June 21-22. Also at the U23 World Freestyle Championships in Tirana, Albania on October 21-27 if there is not an age-eligible Senior National Team member that chooses to claim the spot.

Kennedy defeated Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC/ TMWC) in two straight matches by a 10-0 tech fall in the best of three finals. Kennedy dominated the tournament by going 7-0 with seven tech falls and out scoring his opponents 75-4.

Kennedy will be a senior at Iowa this season and was an NCAA Qualifier at 174 last year.


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Drake Ayala placed third at 61kg. Caleb Rathjen (70kg) and Zach Glazier (92kg) placed fifth. Joey Cruz was seventh at 57kg.

Jesse Ybarra(61kg), Jace Rhodes (65kg), Drake Rhodes(74kg), Isaiah Fenton(74kg) and Sebastian Robles(79kg) did not place.


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U23 Nationals

Joey Cruz (57 kg) – Seventh Place

Joey Cruz (HWC) VSU Braden Hahlen (Lake Erie RTC), 10-0

Joey Cruz (HWC) VPO1 Evan Tallmadge (New Jersey), 10-7

Stevo Poulin (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club) VPO1 Joey Cruz (HWC), 3-1

Joey Cruz (HWC) VSU1 Ethan Perryman (Cyclone RTC), 15-4

Joey Cruz (HWC) VIN Jeremiah Reno (Arkansas RTC)

Joey Cruz (HWC) VIN Maximo Renteria (Beaver Dam RTC)

Trever Anderson (Panther Wrestling Club) VFA Joey Cruz (HWC), 1:20

Joey Cruz (HWC) VSU Shane Corrigan (Ranger Wrestling Club), 10-0


Drake Ayala (61 kg) – Third Place

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU Charlie Bunting (George Mason University), 11-0

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU1 Jacob Macatangay (Boilermaker RTC), 14-3

Kurtis Phipps (Buffalo Valley RTC) VPO1 Drake Ayala (HWC), 10-8

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU Isaiah Schaefer (Maurer Coughlin/Mater Dei), 10-0

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU Gary Steen (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club), 10-0

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU Anthony Noto (Mat-Town USA), 10-0

Drake Ayala (HWC) VIN Aaron Nagao (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club)

Drake Ayala (HWC) VSU1 Dominick Serrano (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club), 12-2


Jesse Ybarra (61 kg)

Jesse Ybarra (HWC) VSU Zein Bazzi (BTS), 11-0

Jesse Ybarra (HWC) VSU1 Marckis Branford (Viking Wrestling Club), 12-2

Jesse Ybarra (HWC) VPO1 Julian Farber (Panther Wrestling Club), 7-6

Dominick Serrano (Northern Colorado Wrestling Club) VPO1 Jesse Ybarra (HWC), 7-6

Anthony Noto (Mat-Town USA) VPO Jesse Ybarra (HWC), 4-0


Jace Rhodes (65 kg)

Jace Rhodes (HWC) VSU1 Aldo Hernandez (Boone RTC), 12-2

Jace Rhodes (HWC) VPO1 Ismael Ayoub (Nebraska Wrestling Training Center), 5-3

Haiden Drury (Brunson UVRTC) VPO Jace Rhodes (HWC), 7-0

CJ Composto (Pennsylvania RTC) VSU Jace Rhodes (HWC), 10-0


Caleb Rathjen (70 kg) – Fifth Place

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VSU Jordan Craft (Ranger Wrestling Club), 10-0

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VSU Sam Ewing (Bulls Wrestling Club), 11-0

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VPO1 Ethan Fernandez (Spartan Combat RTC/ TMWC), 7-4

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VPO1 Jackson Arrington (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 8-6

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VSU Jaivon Jones (Arkansas Regional Training Center), 10-0

Paniro Johnson (Cyclone Regional Training Center) VPO1 Caleb Rathjen (HWC), 8-3

Edward Scott (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) VPO1 Caleb Rathjen (HWC), 7-1

Caleb Rathjen (HWC) VPO1 Chance Lamer (Central Coast RTC), 5-4


Drake Rhodes (74 kg)

Drake Rhodes (HWC) VSU1 Luke Ahrberg (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 15-4

Grant Mackay (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) VPO1 Drake Rhodes (HWC), 11-3

Drake Rhodes (HWC) VSU Jayden Dobeck (Boone RTC), 10-0

Drake Rhodes (HWC) VSU1 Blake Saito (Brown Regional Training Center), 17-6

Bryce Lowery (Indiana RTC) VSU1 Drake Rhodes (HWC), 12-1


Isaiah Fenton (74 kg)

Chandler Amaker (Chippewa Wrestling Club) VPO1 Isaiah Fenton (HWC), 9-8

Isaiah Fenton (HWC) VSU1 John Altieri (Clarion RTC), 13-3

Dylan Brown (Broncho Wrestling Club) VSU Isaiah Fenton (HWC), 10-0


Patrick Kennedy (79 kg) – First Place

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU1 Aaron Cramer (Southern Illinois RTC), 13-2

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU Nolan O’Boyle (Tar Heel Wrestling Club), 10-0

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU Logan Messer (George Mason University), 10-0

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU1 Lucas Uliano (Boone RTC), 12-2

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU Clayton Whiting (Minnesota Storm), 10-0

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC/ TMWC), 10-0

Patrick Kennedy (HWC) VSU Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC/ TMWC), 10-0


Sebastian Robles (79 kg)

Austin Keal (Arkansas RTC) VPO1 Sebastian Robles (HWC), 7-5

Sergio Desiante (RTC South) VPO1 Sebastian Robles (HWC), 12-3


Zack Glazier (92 kg) – Fifth Place

Zach Glazier (HWC) VSU Greyson Gardner (Burg Training Center), 10-0

Zach Glazier (HWC) VPO1 Martin Cosgrove (Pennsylvania RTC), 6-2

Wyatt Voelker (Panther Wrestling Club) VPO1 Zach Glazier (HWC), 2-1

Zach Glazier (HWC) VSU Chase Horne (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 10-0

Zack Glazier (HWC) VPO1 Trent Munoz (Beaver Dam RTC), 3-2

Seth Shumate (Ohio Regional Training Center) VSU Zack Glazier (HWC), 11-0

Zack Glazier (HWC) VPO1 Levi Hopkins (Buies Creek Wrestling Club), 10-1


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